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Yes Kosher Friendship Alberta  
A response to the Covid pandemic. 
Formed in 2021 became charitable in 2023.

Our Mission
To Educate
On Kosher and Torah Laws of  inclusivity. 
We hold Workshops. Speakers forums, Art Exhibit and Music talent

* To date- has held one on one Learning session and 3 monthly brunches for Seniors.

For marginalized groups. By being a voice  that speaks up  on different forums.

* In the midst .. more news to follow.

By training and hiring for temp positions  persons looking to get into the workforce and will help them by providing resume, work experience and skills. To act as reference for them to be able to go to another  permanent position.

*To date - referred  successfully to  Businesses looking for great workers .

By being Stewards   in the collection and delivery of Kosher food for the effective distribution to people who are on low income and where Kosher is of a mandatory dietary requirement.

* To date- 385  persons have benefitted from this program,

For Brides on low income  we have wedding gowns and are able to offer wedding resources.

With other  non profit organizations who share our vision.  As when we stand together change can happen.

Holds events for the attainment of the above .
'April 7th Crown of Creation  with Aleeza ben Shalom'

Businesses are encouraged to sponsor and will receive Tax deductible receipt

Need help. Want to Help. Contact us

Our  Team

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